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I am a Fashion Design Student, at Mesa Community College. I want to change the relationship most of us have with clothes we wear. I am married to my husband Cinder, and we with live his other husband, our daughter, dog and three terrapins in Tempe, AZ.

Friday, April 08, 2011

What are the most erotic words a lover has said to you?

"I want you to suck my cock." As she lay in my bed stroking her strap-on cock.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Geeky Vacation

As a family we just took a trip to the land of granola, wHolly_ood, LA. It was two days of a vanilla conference and then a day and a half of feeding our geekiness. The only time we got lost was because we did not print out the directions from Google, we had a great vegan meal our first night at the Veggie Grill. The second night Brian, the Kub and I had burgers the size of our heads at the Counter.

After the conference we moved to the Best-Western Dragongate in China Town, we went for a drive, Brian went to Vacation Vinyl, and I stopped in next door at the Secret Headquarters (I did not plan it the stores are next to each other). I picked up the Dr. Horrible graphic novel, while Cinder and the Kub geeked out at a great little bead store.

Then we went to a place very close to nirvana Meltdown Comics. That place was awesome, there were just to many choices in the book selection. But I did pick up a game from the game store inside of Meltdown; Monsterpocalypse. A game where two teams of Kaiju battle in a city, destroying it in the process. We also stopped in at a place called PopKiller and Mr. Musicbrain Gallery.

From there we went onto a BBQ dinner on Hollywood Blvd, and then we went onto the Ripley's Museum. That was interesting, they had a Victorian Vibrator and a shock device for curing 'Hysteria' and other ailments, along with a lot dioramas and weird facts.

During our driving around and walking on Hollywood Blvd. we saw American Electric Tattoo shop, the Massive Scientology compound (the Big Blue monster on Sunset Blvd.) and their brownstone on the Hollywood Blvd, we even saw real live Scientologist in a store front like some kind of Zoo Exhibit. As well as the stars on the walk of fame.

The next morning we walked around China Town then hopped a cab to Little Tokyo. In China Town we bought some kitch and then found a Chines Book Store that sold Fire Cups, we now have six brand new cups we can wait to use and Cinder found a jade turtle. We had a great late lunch at a conveyor belt sushi shop called Frying Fish.

The four of us pigged out for $120.00 and we did not go easy. Then we approached the next closest place to nirvana, the Jungle's two stores in Little Japan, a Otaku's wet dream in two stores, one Anime and Kaiju figurines and other collectibles. I picked up a Robotech Veritechs for my ship collection, I almost bought a Space Battleship Yamato but they didn't have one that I liked enough to spend that kind of cash on.

We walked back to the hotel and drove to the Getty Museum, wow that place is huge, lots of neat art. I saw several pieces that moved me; Zhang Huan's Family Tree, Caspar David Friedrich's A Walk at Dusk, A cast bronze Crowned Naga Protected Buddha, Laura Gulping's Castillo Sunset and Robert Smithson Yucatan Mirror Displacements. We left from the Museum and Brian drove us home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is there anything you would not do for love, if so, what is it?

I will not cheat on my current lovers or help a lover lie to their partners. Other then that love is the driving force in human life. I would do anything else for love.

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Sadism - nature or nurture?

I think that it is both, it can be nature and it can be learned, as far as Sexual Sadism the classic S in BDSM. I don't think that a Sexual Sadism can exist in the BDSM community. True Sexual Sadist would not bother with the community.

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If you could own any kind of pet, what would it be?

A Gryphon, about cat would be awesome.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Things degrade as they get older. Is there a skill from your younger days that you've lost and wish you could get back?

Sorry it took so long to respond, but I did not know how to answer this question. I don't think that skills degrade with age only with none use, I try to push my skills when ever I can.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Favorite toy in your bag o' tricks?

For me it is Rope. I don't care if I am tying someone up, being tied, or tying myself up. I have yet to drop into subspace or anything but I enjoy the restriction and power exchange of being tied up.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Did realizing you were a bit "adventuresome" come all at once, or was it a slower thing, discovering bits and pieces here and there?

I have always wanted to be adventurous, but in the past I have always held back, hiding. My late dame was in the closet about everything, no one knew about our Kink or the fact that I was in her Service.

When she passed, I made a decision; I would not live in the closet anymore. I set my charges and blew up that closet. Now I live my life in the open and I am proud of who I am.

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